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Overseas Production

In 2006, Uniserv incorporated 5 Kids Group, Inc. in order to directly procure clothing and promotional products from various countries outside of the U.S. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with multiple overseas factories.

Our factories are typically WRAP Certified, ISO 9001, and Disney/Walmart Rated. We also have more than one factory for each item we produce.

Photo by PhotoShoppin/iStock / Getty Images

Furthermore, every overseas item goes through a full inspection process prior to shipping, including:

   • Wash test for shrinkage & fading
   • Stress points, construction, color
   • Sizing, labels, decoration



Domestic Production

After 45 years in business, Uniserv has developed a network of cut/sew partners. These partners are in place should we need faster domestic production.

Uniserv also has an in-house embroidery shop, heat press, personalization, and screen print capabilities which all allow for complete control.